Raising a Muslim

Raising a child is hard; raising a Muslim child is even harder. But with the…


The Perfect Bridal Dress

Cheer up my ladies! Today, let´s talk about that magic, we´re going to make it easy for you to know what’s IN this winter season and what could be your perfect match in a bridal dress.


5 Qualities of a True Friend

Most of the time, we aren´t looking for a best or “true” friend. They surprise us by displaying the qualities of a true friend. I am using the word “true” instead of “best” friend because the word “true” aligns with “truth” which also relates to being trustworthy, honest and open. Not that there is anything wrong with the word “best.” Use it by all means! I use it too!

Father-Daughter Bond

Subhan’Allah, every father-daughter bond is special. It is important for fathers to connect with their…

The Chenille Woman

R.Chenille Boutique has a very unique collection of Indo-Western fashion mixed with Middle-Eastern style. Your…

Open the Door to a Wealthier Life: An Islamic Perspective on Personal Finances and Investing – A Review

Open the Door to a Wealthier Life: An Islamic Perspective…

Get Out, and Stay Out — of Debt, That Is…

Written by Farhan Khalid Don’t worry. We’re not here to…

Personal Finance Tips Part 6

Bismillah,   Mastering personal finance also has a lot to…

Stay in the loop

Book Review: “After She Said Yes.”

“After She Said Yes” by Kaya Gavitter is based on the very realistic psychological, emotional and physical torture that some women experience in their marriages.

Is Bringing Up Past Arguments Healthy for a Marriage?

Bringing up past arguments during a disagreement is not unhealthy.…

15 Questions to Ask Your Potential Spouse

Getting to know a potential spouse can be fun for…


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