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Zanib Mian was a science teacher before launching an independent publisher, Muslim Children’s Books. Passionate about Muslim representation in children’s books publishing, she was on the panel of judges for the prestigious…

This Dreamer Achieves-Kazima Wajahat

Kazima Wajahat is not only a published children’s book author, but also a mother, a parent coach and a speech language pathologist! Kazima not only embraces her role as a mother and her role as a professional, but also as someone who has the skills and passion for them. From my interview with her, I discovered that she is a dreamer and an achiever ما شاء. Let’s get to know her:

It’s Past Midnight Somewhere

Imagine sitting on a balcony or on a bench, even lying down on grass and looking up toward the  midnight sky, utter silence embracing you as you contemplate on your journey through life thus far and fill your head with hopes of the future.

That is what I felt while reading “It’s Past Midnight Somehwere” by Jamal-e-Fatima. 

Can Muslim Women Be Feminists?

In these testing times, the Online community is a minefield of identity politics, fake news and passive aggressive memes. Social media discourse has become, on a lot of subjects, more relevant than mainstream news. It is there, that Muslim women have found spaces to speak out, a place where their opinions are seen rather than dismissed, a platform that we, otherwise, do not have. A reoccurring topic amidst Muslim women in these spaces is feminism. What is it? Is it ‘Islamic’? Do Muslim women need it? 

She Roars Through The Pages

“A Lioness’s Roar” is a collection of poetry representing a marginalized voice, the voice of Fatima Faras.’ She is a budding writer who has published her first book, a collection of poetry targeted to inspire women of all cultures, worldwide and to impact the youth who struggle between maintaining their cultural background while growing up a completely different one. Let’s meet Fatima:

Humera Malik and Why she was the Different Mom

On most of our trips to the park or to story time at the library, we were the only minority family, and I was the only mom who looked “different.” At times, I could sense people staring. As an adult, I didn’t particularly enjoy that so I could only imagine how it felt for my young children, who didn’t fully understand the reason for my Islamic dress. So, when my kids started asking me about my hijab, I knew I wanted to help them see the beauty and normalcy in it, while looking past it to focus on what really matters.

The Americanistani Artist

Manal Mirza is an educated and experienced artist whose inspiration roots from her culture and upbringing, identifying herself as an “Americanistani.” She incorporates colors and patterns while sending a clear message through the various pieces. Her artwork is bright, quarky and fun, with meaningfulness. Let’s learn more about Manal:

How much does Allah love me - Hayati

How Much Does Allah Love Me?

Heba Subeh Hyder is a talented writer and I got to know this loving wife, mother and published author of “How Much Does Allah Love Me?”

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